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Our appearance is a reflection of our identity.  Both personal and public, it speaks volumes about our state of mind, value system, and self-worth.

Versacchi Studios opened its namesake salon in1994 with the mindset of creating a unique guest experience - to foster self-care, authentic beauty, and personal confidence set in an upscale, "eclectic" space. With sunlight streaming through expansive windows, fine art, and eclectic artifacts set in contemporary decor, Versacchi Studio's vision is evident.



Versacchi Studios is dedicated to transforming lives through self-care and personal expression. We understand the importance of physical appearance to one's identity and self-confidence. We have built our reputation on customizing our guests' experience through contemporary hairdressing, expert service, education, superior products, and genuine care for our clientele. 


Our Mission

Versacchi Studios provides an exceptional guest experience with a distinctive sense of purpose ~ to connect inner beauty with outward appearance. Services are performed in our private, individual suites, so you are afforded one-on-one attention with your beauty professional.

Service Excellence

Versacchi Studios has earned a stellar reputation for being "the go-to-studio when you need a true beauty expert." Our cosmetologists are highly trained, creative, and enthusiastic about their trade ~ demonstrated in their ability to provide a vast range of beauty services, including cut, color/highlighting, and retexturizing.


Since our inception in 1994, Versacchi Studios has remained at the forefront of innovative design solutions and advanced technologies for environmental, aging, and medically related hair loss.  Our skill, artistry, and passion stem from a strong background in fine art, design, and the pure love of hair

Uniquely Qualified
For almost three decades, Versacchi Studios has helped transform the appearance and self-confidence of its clientele.  In continuing this mission, we have expanded our reach to include a new venture we call MindSpaceA new concept for a studio, perhaps, but one born from a relentless passion for discovery and personal growth.

Our mission at MindSpace is to inspire well-being with the transformative potential of information sharing, creativity and intuition, and human connection. Expand your mind and satisfy your curiosity by attending workshops, mini-series, and expert sharing on diverse topics, including:


Beauty, Health & Wellness

Natural Healing Modalities

Self-Empowerment & Healing Humanity

Unleashing Your Creativity 

Life Skills & Coaching

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