VERSACCHI STUDIOS is extremely selective when it comes to what we use on our clients hair. We lean towards earthy, COMPREHENSIVE, sustainable products (where possible) that are lead performers in the color, styling, and overall performance and integrity of your hair. 

As artists, we are inspired by our products and are able to offer unique, high quality experiences to our clientele. 



Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollat Family, Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. After a decade of growing their expertise, they began creating their own brand of Davines hair care products exclusively for salons.

We are proud to offer the following Davines color and product lines:

  • OI

  • Natural Tech

  • More Inside

  • Alchemic System

  • Essential Haircare

  • Vibrachrom Color System

  • L-Art Decolor

  • Mask Light

  • Finest Pigments

  • A New Colour



The DEVA CURL product lineup is designed to make all hair textures—wavy, curly and super curly—feel healthy and look gorgeous. No matter where you are on your curly journey, your perfect routine is here.

100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone free. 



Lasio Keratin Treatments set themselves apart by using a gentle cleanser to slowly open up the cuticle of the hair shaft so treatments can deeply penetrate the hair, restoring and rejuvenating hair back to it's health. Lasio Keratin Treatments also have the ability to be used together to create Lasio Keratin Cocktails- a personalized service that caters to the needs of individual hair strands. Now every client, from creative colors to those transitioning to an all natural look, has a signature cocktail to meet their specific needs.



As keepers of the planet for future generations, Eufora is dedicated to embracing sustainable practices in every phase of our business. We take a proactive approach to minimizing the environmental impact that our daily activities have on our world, and we believe in creating integral products that respect the environment and the people who use them.

Today, all Eufora products meet the most rigorous standards in formulation, utilizing Certified Organic Aloe  along with nearly 75 different natural plant extracts and essential oils, all of which are classified as renewable resources and considered biodegradable.



Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

End result is smooth, healthy, frizz free hair with radiant shine. No downtime and can be done in-salon in just 90 minutes.

We offer Acai aftercare products to ensure the longest lasting results.



Toppik is a safe, natural, and undetectable way to improve the appearance of thinning hair without harmful drugs, chemicals, or surgery. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made from pure organic Keratin Protein; the same protein found in human hair.

These tiny microfiber hairs are electro-statically charged to form a magnetic attraction with your existing hair - however thin - and blend perfectly to conceal the appearance of thinning and balding in seconds. With seven, color-matched fiber choices available, you can conceal thinning hair on any natural hair color.

A few shakes of Toppik above your thinning areas will disperse thousands of tiny hair-like fibers that will match your existing hair color, and bond with your own hair to conceal thinning and create a more natural-looking, thicker, fuller head of hair. The secure bond stays put all day (and night) even in rain, wind, and perspiration. It won't come off until you wash it out. Safe, secure, and undetectable as close as two inches away.


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