Achieve more coverage, volume, lift, length, color and highlights only where you desire.

With an artist's eye and an engineer's obsession with detail, Sherri Renée created an original, fully customizable, human hair "accessory" line ~ the Parisian Hair Enhancer Collection. This unique, 100% hand crafted collection represents the pinnacle of human hair enhancements for their modern design, natural appearance, and simplicity of use ~ an extraordinary solution for those who have fine hair ~ or for those who simply want to make a fashion choice, ease of styling, or make a quick "wardrobe" change without the fuss, commitment and investment of time.  

These exclusive patented designs ~ flash enhancers, partials, fringes, falls, parts, ponytails/chignons, crown, extensions, and full enhancements ~ are artistically engineered to surpass all others in form and function, natural appearance and performance.  

Due to their popularity and test-driven success, her designs and support services are being offered through a growing number of partnered salons across the country. Please refer to the Sherri Renée website for more information. 


French fringe™

Women today want options without the commitment of cutting their own bangs. Unlike other bang accessories, the French Fringe™ by Sherri Renée has been engineered to be weightless and seamless. These bangs appear notably real from any angle and prove to be the ultimate accessory for a youthful, flirty look.


French flash™

The Sherri Renée French Flash™ enable unlimited possibilities for both medical and cosmetic hair enhancement. This design has been artfully engineered to add hair only where desired to achieve your ultimate vision without more than you need. 



Sherri Renée Xtensions™ offer a beautiful solution to an ageless desire. Fully customizable, beautifully matched hair coupled with a carefully engineered design make these Xtensions™ the ultimate choice for a must-have long hair accessory.