since our inception in 1994, versacchi studios remains in the forefront of leading design solutions, innovations and advanced technologies for fine and/or thinning hair and medically related hair loss. 

Our skill, artistry and passion stem from a strong background in fine art, design, and the pure love of hair. Our Master Hair Architects have worked with thousands of clients worldwide and are highly recognized for their work in:

  • Fine and/or Thinning Hair

  • Chemotherapy and Radiation

  • Alopecia

  • Trichotillomania

  • Trauma and Burn

  • Telogen Effluvium

  • Thyroid Conditions

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Androgenetic Alopecia

private consultation

Complementary, private consultation with a Versacchi Image Consultant to discuss your concerns, educate you on alternative options and create a custom solution for you!

Customized Design Solutions

Let us design, handcraft, and customize the perfect enhancement for you. Our individually handmade human hair products are light and virtually non-detectable even to the most discriminating eye, with no lumps, bumps, wefting or binding. Simply exquisite.

We offer the following exclusive features for all of our enhancers:

  • Duplicates pre-hair loss appearance

  • Individually handmade by experienced artisans

  • 100% Euro-Blend human hair that can be cut colored, waved, and styled like your own

  • Thin, light, virtually transparent design materials

  • Medically "correct" for chemotherapy, alopecia, post surgery, trauma related

  • Virtual scalp area where hair appears to be growing right from your head

  • Multi-dimensional, artistically rendered "chiaroscuro" hair colour

  • Single hair and uni-directional ventilation mimics real hair growth

  • Microthin "real" front hairlines


With an artist's eye and an engineer's obsession with detail, Sherri Renée created an original, fully customizable, human hair "accessory" line ~ the Parisian Hair Enhancer Collection. This unique, 100% hand crafted collection represents the pinnacle of human hair enhancements for their modern design, natural appearance, and simplicity of use ~ an extraordinary solution for those who have fine hair ~ or for those who simply want to make a fashion choice, ease of styling, or make a quick "wardrobe" change without the fuss, commitment and investment of time.  

These exclusive patented designs ~ flash enhancers, partials, fringes, falls, parts, ponytails/chignons, crown, extensions, and full enhancements ~ are artistically engineered to surpass all others in form and function, natural appearance and performance.  

Due to their popularity and test-driven success, her designs and support services are being offered through a growing number of partnered salons across the country. Please refer to the Sherri Renée website for more information. 


In 1994, Versacchi introduced Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction (CTR) to the hair replacement industry ~ an undetectable non-surgical hair replacement solution for those with advanced and/or site specific hair loss. This highly specialized hair restoration procedure is based on the science of Applied Virtual Skin Technology and was developed by us (yes, us!) to offer an extraordinary permanent solution to those who want to maintain a safe, non-invasive and truly exceptional appearance with complete freedom and autonomy. 

CTR involves the application of perfectly matched hair directly to the scalp in a safe, dermatologically correct fashion. Hair literally becomes a physical part of you, not something you wear. Seamless and invisible, non-invasive and completely reversible, CTR requires no daily maintenance. Once applied, the hair can be left in place for weeks at a time and treated as your own hair. 

CTR is the ultimate solution for advanced stages of male or female pattern hair loss or site specific hair loss due to burn, trauma, radiation, surgery, and advanced alopecia. Simply stated, it is without peer in achieving a level of cosmetic realism and pushes the envelope of non-detection and lifestyle to the limit.

Please call our studio at 410-654-4401 and schedule your complimentary, private consultation.