Versacchi Studios offers hair colour services that range from simple root touchup to artistically rendered, customized colour to suit a clients individual taste and persona.

Hair Color-a la carte

Single Process                                            $75 & Up

Decolourizing                                             $125 & Up

Semi-Permanent                                         $75 & Up

Glaze Overlay                                            $55 & Up

Double-Process Colour                               $125 & Up

Partial Highlight                                         $95 & Up

Full Highlights                                            $125 & Up

dimensional color-
a la carte

Color Change/Virgin Color                         $85 & Up

Chiaroscuro Color Design         $150-$200

Highlights/Lowlights                                 $125-$200

Colour w/ Highlights                                 $125-$200


Please consult with your hair professional before service is performed to confirm pricing.