Chiaroscuro Color™ Collection, by Sherri Renée, reveals hairs organic nature and inherent beauty- inspiring unlimited possibility for reflective-color expression, enhanced tonal nuances, and the personalization we seek from alternative hair couture.


Chiaroscuro - the visual discipline of using thematic hues (colors) and graduated values (light and shadow) - is observed from nature and adapted for our collection to achieve a more profound sense of realism, tonal unity, and color dimension.


3D Color Modeling™ is applied to hairs surface as if an imaginary light source (the sun) is gently shining around the face. Brighter color values (light) reside in the front, temple, and top - then naturally graduate to darker, less intense color values, traveling back towards the crown, sides and nape (shadow).


A natural shadow root is hand-painted to bestow a completely homogeneous, naturalistic appearance. This analytical division of light and shadow mimics the three-dimensional volume and form necessary to impart naturalism to alternative hair.


Each design in our collection features our Le Réalisme™ scalp replica - a patent-pending french-injected top panel, where individual strands of hair are hand injected into a thin, skin-like membrane custom tinted to match scalp color and tone.


This proprietary technique eliminates "return hairs," thus revealing a smoother texture, even root to end density, and enhanced hair flow and movement - an excellent choice for more sleek, smoother hairstyles. We further covet our top panel with an under-layer of Parisian silk - soft, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

We offer the Chiaroscuro Color Collection in a range of 100% handmade,  Euroblend™ preCustoms in both ready-made top and full designs. .A myriad of design options and details are available via custom order.


We hope that you are as excited as we are about this revolutionary approach to the Fine Art and Design of Alternative Hair Couture.


~  100% Handmade construction 

~  Anatomically correct shape and size

Le Réalisme scalp replica

~  Closed french lace front w/under

              hairs for top designs

~  Open bleached-knot, french lace

     front for full enhancements

~  Parisian silk, french lace and organic

              cotton body

~  Chiaroscuro color effects and root

              shadowing standard 

~  100% Single hair injection and/or

              hand tied 

~  Customizable to your desired style



~  100% Euroblend Remy human hair

~  French injection ventilation technique for 

         smoother hair texture, unwanted

         density and natural flow

~  Root to end hair direction

~  All types available for custom

     including European, SoftTouch™  

     (textured) and virgin hand-picked gray


preCustom    Available in 15" full hair length

                         12 Chiaroscuro colors; Designs

                         available include French Flash

                         Flash GrandeFrench Fall,

                         Fall GrandeAria Full

Custom          Hair types, sizing, density,

                         ventilation, base modification,

                         front hairline