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Talent ... the Versacchi Creative Team

Creative people ... What is the commonality? A strong commitment to a Personal Aesthetic ... the ability to excel in finding and solving problems ... Mental Mobility that allows them to find new perspectives on and approaches to problems ... A willingness to take risks. The ability to accept failure as part of the creative quest ... Objectivity. They scrutinize and judge their own ideas or projects. They seek criticism ... Inner motivation. Creators are involved in an enterprise for its' own sake, not for high marks, paychecks or external accolades. Their catalysts are the enjoyment, satisfaction, and challenge of the work itself ... Meet the Versacchi Creative Team.

Sherri Renee' RommMaster Hair Architect/Color Engineer
Elba SantanderSenior Hair Stylist/Designer
Perrie WalterHair Stylist/Colorist/Makeup Artist/Wax Specialist
Veronica MartinezHair Stylist / Designer
Sonia RodriquezHair Stylist/Designer
Yanira ZelidonHair Stylist/Makeup Artist