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"Dear Sherri and Staff,
Just want to let you know that what you have done for me was nothing short of a miracle. Having been a fireman injured with extensive burns to my head and neck and other parts of my body, I was at the lowest point in my life. It has taken me two years just to get over all the surgeries and rehabilitation that I had to go through. I was referred to you by one of my treating doctors. Not knowing what to expect but hoping for the best I came to your shop. From the moment I walked in, your staff made me feel so comfortable. I was taking into a private room for a consultation where I met Sherri for the first time. She was very knowledgeable and personable and made me feel so relaxed telling me the things that she could do and listening to what I wanted and by working together we could accomplish them. The results were magnificent. I owe you a world of thanks. And with that being said I am sending a world of thanks out to you and your staff."  -- J.E. 

"Sherri,  I wanted to take the time to say thank you for the service that you and your studio provides to the public.  When you first met me, I was pudgy young girl that was scared and frustrated.  Now that the years have passed, you've seen the changes that have occurred and the happiness that has been brought back into my life.  Versacchi does not just provide a service to individuals in need, they change people lives and give them the confidence to walk out the door.  The service is excellent and the staff is very welcoming.  The best feature about your studio is the privacy that it provides to each of your clients.  It is not labeled as anything other than a studio and that is a comforting feeling."
-- A. W.

"I drive from Northern Virginia to get my hair colored and styled.  The reason is that Sonia gives me the best haircut and color/highlighting that I have ever had.  Also, she is precious, energetic, caring and professional..all in one.The shop has a great feel to it.  It is personal, warm, artsy and the people are so accommodating! It is a great salon.  It is well worth the drive.  I get so many compliments on my hair style and color. Thank you to everyone there!" 

-- Marty L.

"Sherri, I just wanted you to know that Perrie is in charge of my hair. I trust her implicitly and whatever she says goes! I just love her." 
-- Ms. Thompson

"I just moved to the area from Austin, TX and had such a hard time finding a salon and a stylist that truly cared about me and my hair. Veronica made me feel warm and welcome and really cared for. Even though I was really loyal to my stylist in Texas, I was so thrilled with my hair after she colored and styled it. She also spent a lot of time with me making sure I was happy with my hair. She is so sweet and talented. I'm glad I found her and Versacchi!".  -- Karen C. 

"Sherri is a magician! She has been coloring and styling my hair for almost a decade and I couldn't be happier. I am also an artist and get bored very easily. Sherri is always ready for the challenge of transforming me into the "new me" (which is pretty often). We recently colored my hair the prettiest spun copper-red and I get soooo many compliments. Sherri and Versacchi rocks!". -- Sandi E.

Testimonials for Specialty Services

"Dear Sherri & Everyone at Versacchi,

First I want to say thank you. Thank you for giving me a way to have natural hair again. I didn’t think it was possible. I had given up hope. When I came to Versacchi, I had done my best to lower my expectations. I tried to accept hair that was getting thinner and thinner - I had tried everything. Hair transplants, wigs, clip-on hair pieces, scarves, poorly bonded hair pieces and trying to ignore my hair all together. The message I gave myself was “ be glad you don’t have anything worse”. I tried to repress my vanity.
Walking into Versacchi that Saturday afternoon was the luckiest thing that has happened to me in a long long time. What a thrill to have beautiful hair again. I didn’t think it was possible. I am deeply and 
sincerely grateful."   - Mollie  
"Before I met Sherri, I spent what seemed like an eternity searching for wigs that would give me back the hair that I had before chemotherapy.  What a relief when I sat in her chair and she put a wig on my head for the first time and worked her magic!  It matched my natural hair type and color exactly, and she recreated the hairstyle I originally wore.  (People have actually told me that the wig looks exactly like my own hair but better!)  Sherri helped restore my self-confidence during a most difficult time.  What a blessing."    ---- Lori S.
"I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am at the “flash” we got for Sarah. It is amazing! Truly the most unbelievable hair piece I could have imagined! You are truly changing people’s lives that are having hair issues due to cancer, medications or other reasons. It is better than I ever thought it could be.

At 19 Sarah is still very self conscious about the whole hair loss and wig thing . Going to college and having a roommate she hasn’t yet met is hard enough without having to explain hair issues at this point Kelly says. Her “real” hair is actually seeming better (thank GOD!) and she says she isn’t feeling the need to wear this yet. I do hope her issues don’t come back..but if they do we will have this ready to go . I am hoping she may also see the “fun” and versatility of having this as you said on days she hasn’t showered or fixed her hair. This actually makes her look even better! Wow, she has always dreamed of thick hair and now she can have it!! (I hope she soon sees how FUN this can be!!!)  Thank You so very much!"  ---- Debbie F.

"Elba has been taking care of me and my hair needs for years. Having thin hair my whole life has been such a burden to me  (and my loved ones). There were many times I didn't feel like I wanted to leave the house because I didn't feel pretty and felt people would be staring at my scalp. When I came to Versacchi, I was immediately impressed by the front desk. They made me feel comfortable right away as if I had been coming there for years. Then I had a consultation with Sherri. Again, she put me at ease and assure me that we would work together to achieve the best look for me. She was really knowledgeable and artistic. I trusted her. Sherri then introduced me to Elba and I have never looked back since! Needlesstosay, I am writing this to express my gratitude for making me whole again. I feel amazing (and look my best). It has been so long that I feel like I am at home when I come in for service. Thank you!" 
-- Randi

"Hi Sherri. I just wanted to email and let you know that I LOVE my new hair!  My husband loves it too!
 After taking a little getting used to, I've figured it out and it looks great.
I have never, even when I had "good" hair, have had such a great look.  I've seen several nosey girlfriends and not a one has suspected a thing!   I've also had strangers in airports being extra nice to me with my new hot look.  
It is an absolute miracle product and there is definitely a huge market out there as there are so many people struggling with hair issues. I am happy to be a reference if you ever need one!!!!  Take care and thanks for a miracle!"  
---- Joyce T.

Makeup and Waxing Testimonials

"Perrie is the bomb! She does ALL of my waxing and I would never let another soul touch me again". --Robin

"I started coming to Veronica for my hair, but found out she does waxing too. She is talented, kind and a real pleasure. I love the shop too. Very unique - one of a kind. I am very satisfied with my services. Can't wait to come back!. -- Darlene

"My husband had bought me a gift certificate for a Masterworks Makeover for Christmas. Perrie was the makeup artist that gave me a beautiful makeup overhaul. I really don't wear a lot of makeup but found that there were techniques that still made me look natural and not "overdone". I felt younger, more beautiful that I had in such a long time. She taught me how to apply my mineral makeup myself and even convinced me to wear some light shadow that made my eyes shimmer just a little. I was so happy, Perrie, with everything you did for me and the way you did it. You were not pushy and really respected my needs. Thank you! I will be back." -- Anita